What We Offer

Investment Review

An objective assessment of your risk tolerance and complete review of existing investments held, including interest rates applicable on cash deposits.

Estate Review

A review of all assets and any existing arrangements in place, together with an assessment of the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate and possible solutions to mitigate this.

Taxation Review

A review of the opportunities and threats created by the taxation rules in relation to the areas of investment, pensions and retirement planning.

Long Term Care Planning

Overcoming the challenges associated with the cost of any care provision in old age are important to many people. We therefore offer a specialist review service in this area aimed at mitigating any potential financial ramifications.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate Planning and Tax Advice.

Pension Review

Review of existing pension arrangements, making an assessment of how appropriate they are in relation to clients current retirement objectives. We also consider the wider use of pensions to help achieve business or personal objectives.

Retirement Review

Guidance on how best to use the pension provision you have to generate income in retirement, including annuities, unsecured pensions and any of the other wide variety of options available.

Protection Review

An assessment of any life or health protection policies in place, the level of cover provided and any identified shortfalls.

The fundamental changes in pension legislation introduced in the Pension Schemes Act 2015 have heralded a huge increase in the options available to those with “occupational” pension benefits.

However, considering whether to give up the guaranteed benefits of a “final salary” pension scheme in exchange for flexible benefits is the biggest financial decision you will ever make. It is crucial to recieve expert advice to help decide whether this is suitable for you.

J M Taylor are in the fortunate position of having two qualified and highly experienced advisers who are uniquely positioned to provide this service.

Employee Benefits

Keyman & Shareholder Protection

Auto Enrolment Scheme Advice

Corporate Tax Mitigation